Sponsor a Cookie Care Package for a US Service Member today!
Send a Cookie Care Package to a member of the US military!
Something as "simple" as a cookie can help brighten someone's day, making them feel acknowledged and appreciated..
Each CCP comes with 4 of my signature Chocolate Chip Cookies, individually sealed, in the following styles:
“Anything But Regular" •• Gluten-Free •• Protein
Sponsored Cookie Care Packages are distributed to service members of US Air Force/Air Force Reserves.
Care packages may also be sent to service members that are deployed overseas, whenever possible.
A card will be included in each pack thanking them for their service, showing the first name and residing state of the sponsor (i.e. "Lucy, MN"; no other personal information will be given due to restrictions in place, but an additional message can be requested).
*Please click below to view tentative delivery dates, destination information, and cut-off dates for current order groups*

Fx4 by Chef D is proudly certified by the US Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce

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