Each Cookie Care Pack is $15 and comes with 4 “monster-size” cookies, weighing roughly 5 oz each.
Each individual cookie serves 2. (Feel free to "share" with your inner cookie monster, we don't judge.)
For orders that are shipped, every cookie in a 4-pack is individually vacuum-sealed, by default. Local orders can be boxed (not vacuum sealed) in a securely sealed food-safe box. This method can also be used for shipped orders by request.
Local orders are wrapped individually in cello, with all required labeling.
Each order includes all nutritional information for your specific order (per NYS food/health regulations). This information is also a great help with macro tracking!
•• Cookie Styles ••
☞ “Anything But Regular” (AP flour, eggs, butter)
☞ “Anything But Regular” But Vegan (AP flour, egg-free, plant butter)
☞ Gluten-free (cornstarch-free, egg-free, plant butter)
•• Add Ons ••
☞ Protein (+$1 to price of each 4 pack)
☞ Please message me if you have a need for allergy-friendly baking chips
• Certified NY Home Processor
• Please complete the order form linked below to submit your order.
• Within 24 hours (of receiving your order) I will reply with an order confirmation, as well as payment information. I only accept payment via Venmo, Square or Zelle.
• Once payment is received, the baking begins! Orders are baked fresh, with final preparations making cookies ready on day two (of their special baking process). Arrangements for shipping (or local delivery/pickup) will be agreed upon per order during the confirmation process, as each order may vary. Additional time may be necessary to accommodate larger orders.
• Vacuum-sealed cookies can be frozen (up to 9 months) and easily thawed. If desired, microwave thawed cookies (not in packaging) for 30-45 seconds to enjoy a warm cookie!
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