Current Seasonal Flavors: Winter
Peppermint Cocoa Chip (Seasonal)
A "hot cocoa" spin on my buttery cookie base, with milk chocolate chips and peppermint pieces added to the mix. Inspired by the favorite seasonal drink!
*Gluten-free, "Regular," Vegan-Friendly Options Available*
Cranberry White Chocolate Chip (Seasonal)
White chocolate (and my buttery cookie base) perfectly complements the slight tartness of dried cranberries. Pairs great with coffee, hot cocoa, or tea
*Gluten-free, "Regular," Vegan-Friendly Options Available*
Maple Pecan Oatmeal (Seasonal)
Made with Ballard Farms (NY) Dark Maple Syrup, vegan maple marshmallows, chopped pecans, and rolled oats. This new Fall flavor was such a crowd hit, it's staying on for another season! (It's me. I'm the "crowd" that's still demanding it 😂💀​​​​​​​)
*Gluten-free, "Regular," Vegan-Friendly Options Available*
Dark Chocolate Cherry (Seasonal)
Naturally sweet and slightly tart, dried Morello cherries pair wonderfully with dark chocolate. My signature buttery cookie base helps to balance out sweetness!
*Gluten-free, "Regular," Vegan-Friendly Options Available*
Chocolate Chip (Year-Round Flavor)
The classic chocolate chip cookie you know and love...but bigger! Semi-sweet chocolate chips and my signature buttery cookie base.
*Gluten-free, "Regular," Vegan-Friendly Options Available
Double Peanut Chip (Year-Round Flavor)
A peanut butter lover's dream - peanut butter dough packed with peanut butter chips! My "super secret" method ensures a *punch* of peanut buttery-goodness in every last bite!
*Gluten-free, "Regular," Vegan-Friendly Options Available*
Oatmeal Raisin (Year-Round Flavor)
An "oldie" but a goodie - no shame in this cookie's game! Another classic, with a small twist! My signature cookie base with oats and raisins. Oats are lightly toasted by hand, prior to baking, to add an extra "layer" to flavor and texture.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
*Gluten-free, "Regular," Vegan-Friendly Options Available*
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